Personalized Pet Tags for Dogs and – Nevermind

Would you like to walk around town wearing exactly the same thing as everyone else?  I didn’t think so.  Now I’m not going to insult your intelligence here by asking how your pet thinks about the standard pet tags.  Instead I’ll ask you again, how would you like to walk around town with your dog having the same pet tags as every other pooch?  Isn’t that a bit like wearing different dresses but having exactly the same drab handbag?  (Switch out dress and handbag for shirt and tie if the reader is male).

If you get your pet some personalized pet tags then you and your dog can make a fashion statement together.  Do surf over to and see what they carry in custom dog name tags.  There’s a video to watch on pet ID tags and the prices you see are exactly what you’ll pay because the shipping price is already built into the custom pet tag products.

I’m personally so sold on these personalized pet tags that I’m more than half tempted to get pet ID tags for my kids and my husband too.  Oops.  Did I just say that out loud?  Let’s just forget I said that.




Story of Per Project General Liability

I suppose when you read a title like ‘per project general liability story’ you can almost be certain it isn’t going to turn out nice.  It might begin with ‘once upon a time’ but the per project general liability story isn’t likely to conclude with ‘they lived happily ever after’.

When I said ‘you can almost be certain it isn’t going to turn out nice’ up above I see that can also be interpreted in two ways too.  The ending might not be nice but then the whole per project general liability story itself could turn out to be just a total flop – and I strongly suppose that latter meaning will turn out to be the case here.

I’m thinking this per project general liability insurance story will be a dud because I’m in the third paragraph already and I still haven’t even a clue on what I want to write about here.  Hey!  Now I know what to write.  I have my per project general liability story.

Headline: Author contracts out for too many posts regarding general liability insurance goes insane before he is finished writing the necessary posts regarding per project general liability insurance.

I’m fortunate here that liability claims can’t be filed for wasting a reader’s time or maybe I need some general liability insurance for this project.  And that’s my story.

Unhealthy Angst or Stress Free Wellbeing?

In this recent series of posts, I’ve been looking at the effects of stress on health and wellbeing.  Now I want to kick it up a notch and talk about angst reduction and how to positively improve your health & fitness simply by reducing your overall stress levels.  Angst reduction is not all that difficult and people have been effectively dealing with high anxiety for 10’s of thousands of years.

angstfreewellbeingI don’t know if you noticed a use of a past tense there in ‘have been’ up there.  As I see it, people were reducing stress and angst in successful ways and they likely had much stronger feelings of overall wellbeing because thy had much better anxiety reduction mechanisms than the vast majority of people have today.

Do you come home after a stressful day at work to relax on the couch to unwind by watching some television?  Sorry, but that isn’t doing anything to relieve your angst and improve your sense of wellbeing.  In fact, the TV is just elevating your anxiety even further.  Plus your being a couch potato isn’t doing anything good for your healthy fitness either.  The only weight losses experienced on a sofa is the loose change metal that that falls out of your pockets.

Reading a book is more relaxing because it evokes images in your mind.  Having someone read you the same book so you could close your eyes and see those imagined images even stronger.  That reduces angst and would drastically affect your overall sense of wellbeing wonderfully.

Angst Versus Weight Losses

Angst or anxiety if you prefer that word, can have unexpected and very unwelcome effects on your weight, your health, your fitness and your overall wellbeing too.  Angst can manifest into your physical wellbeing in several opposing ways.  You may find yourself overeating and experiencing sudden weight gains due to your trying to ward off your anxiousness with food and especially sweets.  Don’t do it.  If you find yourself feeling like eating when you’re feeling your angst, try some healthy fruit instead.

angstweightlossesAnother way angst can affect your health and wellbeing is when you start having sudden weight losses that you didn’t plan and that aren’t healthy either.  This may be due to a loss of appetite brought on by the anxiety.  Uncontrolled weight losses are not good and you do need to eat to keep up your strength or you could get sick.

The angst may well be sapping your strength too and weakening your resolve to get into better physical shape or even to just maintaining your current level of health and fitness.

The effects of angst on your fitness, health, and overall wellbeing can be diverse and unpredictable.  You might be suffering from erratic weight losses or even weight gains due to the stress but the one remedy that covers both is reducing your angst.

Reduce Angst to Improve Health and Fitness

High Anxiety Versus Weight Loss

I suppose I might have titled this post of something to the effect of the weight gains due to high anxiety and angst. It is certainly difficult to affect a weight loss when the tendency in a period of elevated stress and anxiety is to put on weight. We live in a high stress world but really, there isn’t more angst and anxiety now than there has been in the distant past. The real dilemma we face in the here and now is that people don’t know how to handle anxiety and rid themselves of stress.

banner250x250I have an interesting weight loss tip for you – read a book. Read a novel that puts pictures into your mind and DON’T watch television thinking it will rid you of stress like a book will. An even better way to rid yourself of the anxiety blocking your path to weight loss is to close your eyes while someone reads a story to you. Those book on audio tracks are really good stress relievers and coincidentally, they will assist in your weight loss efforts because when your angst level drops your appetite will naturally level out.

When setting out to lose weight, the first step on your weight loss journey should be to have the electronic components removed from your television set. Install a nice aquarium in it instead so you only get relaxing images from it. Exercise and a healthy diet are pivotal to a weight loss program but ironically, good relaxation to effectively reduce your stress and anxiety levels are just as important. Click my lit and find a good angst filled book to read and rid yourself of anxiety.

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